Smartbox TV Systems 

At Millennium we strive for excellence so that your property can be as well. These are pictures of our Dish Smartbox Systems showing that we do it all from start to finish if needed. Programming, Equipment, Installation, and Service.

Dish Business Excellence Award 

Smartbox TV System

Smartbox TV System

Structured Cabling  Fiber and Coax Distribution

Commercial Dish with OTA

TV System for Business

TV that makes your Guests, Residents or Patients feel Connected and Comfortable.

Cell Phone Booster Systems

Solutions to get Great Cell Signal inside your building keeping people connected.

Outside Cell Booster Antenna

Inside Cell Booster Antenna

Cell Services Amplifier


Independa Allows you to care from Anywhere!

With our App and TV technology in your Healthcare facility, you can connect residents with care providers and loved ones helping them feel Connected and Comfortable.

With Independa you or your residents loved ones can visit using your TV as social platform.

You can visit without waving from a window just log in with our Independa App and your loved one can click the remote to see you on their TV screen.

Do your clients live to far to visit often? With Independa they can visit anytime using our App and your TV.

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